M-sand is the best alternative to river sand for construction purposes. Internationality it has is being used for all sorts of construction because river sand is not able to meet the demands and moreover governments are introducing strict rules and policies against extraction of river sand due to its negative impact on the ecosystem.

How is it Produced

M-sand (Manufactured sand) is produced by crushing stones into small granular size sand, washed and then graded. Because of the way it is being made, it has lots of advantages over traditional River Sand.

Advantages of M-Sand(Manufactured Sand)

  1. It does not have the presence of impurities like clay, dust and silt coatings.
  2. Since it it produced from chosen quality of granite, it is highly durable and helps concrete structures withstand extreme environmental conditions.
  3. Because of its excellent fineness, construction defects like segregation, bleeding, void and capillarity in concrete is negligible.
  4. It is very economical during the long run compared to river sand.
  5. It is eco friendly and prevents degrading of river beds.
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M-Sand Suppliers in Bangalore

Aradhya Constructions & Material Supply is one of the major supplier of M-sand in Bangalore.

We deliver the M-sand at your construction site in Bangalore, within 5 hours after you have placed an order.
We have extensive experience of more than 20 years in the field and we have been trusted by major builders around Bangalore Area.

How to order M-Sand in Bangalore?

You can directly call us or place your requirement on the provided form.
We take immediate actions to your request and ensure that you are happy with our services.